Residential Lots

This Community offers a unique lots which affords spacious home and estate sites ranging between 1.25 and 3.0 acres and provides homeowners significant flexibility when orienting their residence to capture a particular view or layout. The homes will be fashioned around a Spanish Hacienda Style to provide a consistent theme throughout the community. Building costs for custom homes start at approximately $85 per square foot. 500 meters from one of Costa Rica´s most beautiful beaches.

Lot 34 -- 5,794 sq. mts. = $152,000.00
Lot 35 -- 6,457 sq. mts. = $162,000.00
Lot 36 -- 5,844 sq. mts. = $148,000 .00
Lot 37 -- 6,370 sq. mts. = $152,000.00
Lot 42 -- 9,967 sq. mts. = $196,000.00
Lot 43 -- 9,599 sq. mts. = $215,000.00
Lot 47 -- 5,583 sq. mts. = $140,000.00
Lot 49 -- 6,873 sq. mts. = $135,000.00
Lot 50 -- 6,332 sq. mts. = $135,000.00
Lot 51 -- 5,601 sq. mts. = $110,000.00
Lot 54 -- 5,919 sq. mts. = $149,000.00
Lot 55 -- 5,663 sq. mts. = $142,000.00
Lot 56 -- 5,986 sq. mts. = $149,000.00
Lot 57 -- 6,848 sq. mts. = $171,000.00
Lot 58 -- 6,369 sq. mts. = $159,000.00
Lot 60 -- 6,560 sq. mts. = $129,000.00
Lot 61 -- 5,476 sq. mts. = $136,000.00
Lot 62 -- 6,369 sq. mts. = $125,000.00
Lot 63 -- 8,398 sq. mts. = $165,000.00
Lot 64 -- 6,603 sq. mts. = $149,000.00
Lot 65 -- 5,838 sq. mts. = $136,000.00
Lot 71 -- 5,806 sq. mts. = $130,000.00
Lot 72 -- 7,030 sq. mts. = $140,000.00
Lot 76 -- 6,559 sq. mts. = $125,000.00

#43- Another large lot affords the owner with several possible building sites. A prominent knoll offers breathtaking views of both mountains and the sea.

#46- An isolated hilltop with expansive views offers a building site which affords maximum seclusion. The terrain slopes down to protected green area on three sides assuring a seamless connection with nature.

#49- A variety of development possibilities awaits the owner due to the gradual terrain and good road frontage. A key to optimizing this site will be the framing of sunrise and sunsets views through the numerous trees.

#50- A small knoll looks out over forested section of the green zone in the valley floor. A two story home here will enchant owners with the ever-changing views of the mountain in the distance.

#55- Another property with a long frontage on the stream corridor. The rolling terrain makes for an easy build to ensure privacy and enjoyment of the nearby sights and sounds of nature.

#56- With scattered trees and the potential for an eye-catching landscape, this lot has nice mountain views. The best part it’s a 5 minutes walk from the beach along the nearby access trail.

#58- Monkeys guaranteed. With two merging creeks on a corner of the lot and a cluster of the largest trees in this wooded part of Tierra Pacifica, this property will appeal to anyone who wants to experience the sights and sounds of the forest. These trees you can’t grow in a life time!

#60- Occupies part of a rolling hill with scattered native trees with nice second floor mountain views. The land slopes gently down to sunlit meadow in the nearby green zone

#61- The likely building site in this lot features a good setback. A feeling of seclusion is heightened by ample vegetation in the small draw by the road. Green zones on both sides help surround this property with nature.

#62- For the person who desired a bit more breathing room, this is an expansive piece of paradise, with abundant trees. Great access is another plus with #62. With lots of native trees it’s ideal for a courtyard design.

#63- This property includes a nice rise and several mature trees along the road. Great potential for a natural approach to landscaping. With some mountain views as well.

#64- Another property with a rolling knoll as the likely building site. Gentle slope into a natural meadow, perfect for picnics. With only 5 minutes walk to the beach.

#69- Several well established native trees complete the attractiveness of this parcel. Right next door to protected mangrove and estuary where multitudes of wildlife converge.

#71- Featuring a raised saddle, this property has a cozy, protected feel to it. Nestled in to the green zone it borders a seasonal stream.

# 72- Sloping up out of the preserved area, the probable home site will have excellent views of The Cerro Esperanza mountains. A creek to the valley will add to the enjoyment of nature by the future residents.

#76- This rolling parcel is a low knoll which overlooks – and surrounded by the green zone in the valley bellow. An easy build this is an ideal spot for a tropical fruit orchard.

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